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The Prettyboy Pulling Team Micro-Mini Weaponry

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“Blast from the Past” Unstyled A “Grinder” 4430 “Freak in a Guide-all” 7800 “Barely Legal” 6030
“Dane’s Ghost” 6920 Eric's F150 4x4 “Linda's Outrage” Open Puller “Kryptonite” 3020 Pro Stock
“No Fear Deere” 8420 “Red Flash” IH 1066 Steve’s 1206 Pro Stock Steve’s MX220 Super Stock
Ken's 5020 Pro Stock Ken’s D 21 Pro Stock   “Fanatical II” 1066
Ken’s 4850 Super Stock Ken’s 4955 Super Stock “Green Scream” 3020 “Fatal ’Traction” 4630 Pro Stock

What kind of toys are you guys playing with?   Micro-Mini Tractors and Trucks originate from ERTL type tractors or Tonka size trucks which are then fitted with a nitro burning model airplane or car engine, driveline, and special pulling tires to compete on a sealed hardwood or formica surface. The weight of the transfer sled ranges from 100 pounds or so for the 3 lb Pro Stock tractors up to 650+ pounds to stop some of the 6 lb Open pullers!

Where can I see you pull?   Each year approximately 60 NMMTPA sanctioned pulls are held in places like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Check the upcoming events list and attend a pull near you.

Where can I get more information?   Email the Bad Boys of micro mini pulling or post a question on our message board. You can research NMMTPA rules questions using our Searchable NMMTPA Rule Guide. Also be sure and visit the Official NMMTPA website.

Today's Picture

NMMTPA Vice President Andy Robertson's Allis Chalmers Super

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