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NMMTPA  Pretty Boy Pulling Team
Bad Boys

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Andy's Allis SS Bill Vote's Case IH Super Guffey's Tin Man Ed Miller's chain drive 3# Pro Stock Gary Jobe's Pro Stock take 1
Eric Rasmussen's Dodge 4x4 Bill Vote's 6030 SS Alan Reed’s Semi Ed Miller’s 8710 White Super Butch Watson’s “Running Deere Express”
Richard Barrett’s “Junky Deere” Pro Stock Bill Vote's Massey Pro Stock Eric Huisman’s inline Open Gene’s 4x4 Rob Heinrich’s “Oh Deere” 6030
Chris Carrington’s 1586 Pro Stock Bill Vote's Donnersbach Pro Stock Dave Cullom’s PowerWagon 4x4 Eddie Wirth’s Agco Allis Mark Gardner’s MX220 Super
Richard Barrett’s beautiful 4x4 Ford Dave Jodrey’s 7045 Super Chris Raab’s 5288 Super Stock Rob Heinrich’s 4x4 Chevy Cody Geishert’s 4010 Pro Stock
Richard Barrett’s “Junky Boy” 2590 Super Ray Heindel’s “Bertha” 5020 Super Dave Jodrey's wild 3-engine Modified Ed Miller's new O.S. powered Super Stock Phil Padgett’s MX220 Super
Dave Jodrey pulls his 4wd pickup Chris Raab’s V8 International Chris Carrington’s Massey Ferguson Super Stock Kevin Keech’s 4x4 Ross McGrew's infamous “Bad Monkey” 4850 Super Stock
Bobby Saathoff’s 4440 “Rushin Deere” Ross McGrew’s 2wd Truck Butch Watson’s 4x4 Terry Corey’s open puller Phil Padgett pulls his 1070 Pro Stock at Frankfort
Ray Heindel’s 4050 Dave Jodrey’s 4x4 Dennis Hough’s 4440 Gretchen Corey’s Oliver Pro Stock Dennis Hough's unlimited tractor
Serenity Goman’s 2 wheel drive Ray Heindel’s awesome 5020 “Bertha” Rob Trimble’s 1586 Super Stock Bobby Saathoff’s 2wd James Futhey’s 2wd Pickup
Mark Gardner's 2wd Pickup Eric Huisman’s Chevy 4x4 Ed Miller’s 6lb Open tractor Dale Bonar’s D21 Pro Stock Dave Jodrey’s new Allis Super Stock the “Nitro Beast”
Ed Miller’s 4wd pickup Richie Pollard pulls his JD 6400 Jacob Trimble’s 4850 A full pull for Dave Jodrey’s 4x4 Ford Butch Watson’s 4020
Chris Raab’s MX220 Super Stock oops... Mark Gardner wishes he could do that over. Melissa flips her Pro Stock Eric irons the bugs out of the “Freak”
Ross McGrew Ed crashes his new super nice try, Ken. Steve Jones and Fanatical II Eric Rasmussen and Barely Legal
Ed Miller Ken Hetzel chases his D21 Eric Rasmussen and Blast from the past Rob Heinrich Pam Goman's 2wd wreck at Plainfield
Ed Miller has lost control Chris Carrington has some work ahead of him Steve Schuster’s New Holland goes for a ride Ed Miller's Super stock after a wreck at Plainfield upside down Famous Dane
Adam Furman wipes out his John Deere the underside of Floyd Goucher's Allis Eric and both halves of the Famous Dane Rob Trimble has truck trouble Steve Jones has an un-connecting rod?

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We're Broke!

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